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COOEC: Comprehensively Activating Resources and Implementing the Responsibilities Layer by Layer to Guarantee the Completion of Production Objectives in 2020


“Completed the key node one day ahead of schedule! Won the first battle nicely after Work Resumption!” At 15:10 of February 21, the first large-scale offshore operation of COOEC after the Spring Festival - offshore hoisting of east and west modules of WHPK platform in Area 4 of Penglai 19-3 Oilfield Project was perfectly completed along with the precise locating of west module by the “Blue Whale” ship.

The strong support behind the good achievement of “first victory after work resumption” lies in the firm confidence and unremitting efforts of 8,000 COOEC staff by overcoming the difficulties and hardships. Lay equal emphasis on production & operation and epidemic prevention & control. Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP), the Party committee of COOEC resolutely implemented the deployment and requirements of the Central Committee of CPC, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) and the Party Leadership Group of CNOOC on epidemic prevention & control and production & operation, and comprehensively push forward the work resumption in a scientific and orderly manner under the premise of welling performing the epidemic prevention & control, to ensure that the Company can quickly get back to the normal production track and resolutely win the “defence war” of the production objectives in 2020.

Overall Coordination and Level-to-level Administration with Priority to Guaranteeing Key Projects

2020 refers to the peak year of productivity construction in the “13th Five-year Plan” of CNOOC and also the key year of “7-year Action Plan” for COOEC. Only in the first half, COOEC had more than 20 domestic and overseas projects under operation simultaneously, including Lingshui 17-2, Liuhua 16-2 and Penguins FPSO.

However, the sudden break of NCP seriously impedes the implementation of these projects. How to keep equal emphasis on epidemic prevention & control and production & operation becomes a serious challenge for the Party committee of COOEC.

“Ensure scientific epidemic prevention & control and orderly work resumption!” Hereto, the Party committee of COOEC elaborately developed the work resumption plan for the Company through careful analysis and scientific judgment while soundly performing various epidemic prevention & control work, and led all functional departments, business units and PMTs to analyze the resumption of projects under construction one by one, and formulated classified management system for projects under construction during the NCP outbreak. The projects were classified into three levels for management based on the degree of importance, starting time of production, resource guarantee and other factors, with manpower, equipment, site and other resources rationally distributed according to the priority of projects under construction.

Besides, in order to guarantee the completion of stated objective of the 10 projects put into operation in the current year, including Liuhua 29-1 and Bozhong 19-6, COOEC also set up the leading group of fighting for 2020 to guarantee the production of the 10 projects of limited company, which shall make overall coordination for major resource arrangement, guide all PMTs to strengthen the communication and coordination with client, and coordinate to solve the major issues during project execution, to ensure that all projects can be put into operation within 2020.

“Give priority to guaranteeing the realization of objectives and tasks of Class I and Class II projects as scheduled by rationally preparing the main work boat plan, optimizing the allocation of manpower and material resources, and carrying out a series of measures of guaranteeing offshore production with onshore resources. Esp. for the 10 projects put into operation in the current year, it is necessary to take all feasible measures to guarantee that these 10 projects can be put into operation within 2020, thus making the greatest contributions to increasing reserve and production for domestic oil and gas resources and implementing the ‘7-year Action Plan’ of China National Offshore Oil Corporation.” said Yu Yi, the secretary of the Party committee and the Chairman of COOEC.

 Optimizing Manpower and Allocating Rationally to Comprehensively Activating Its Own Resources

As a key project of limited company and COOEC in 2020, Lingshui 17-2 Project is just under the peak of hull building of semi-submersible production platform during the Spring Festival. In the workshop, site and slideway of Qingdao Yard of COOEC, more than 500 staff fought bravely on the construction forefront day and night by defying the severe cold since the second day of the New Year (lunar calendar).

Due to the influence of NCP, some staff and subcontractor’s staff in the affected area are unable to return back to the work unit for work resumption, thus leading to great gap in construction and lagging progress of project.

In order to guarantee the manpower demand of these key projects, COOEC brought out the “shared staff” mode - make overall coordination for human resources from the company level based on the actual work resumption state of each project, and transfer manpower from some units and PMTs to support the key projects with great manpower gap in a “targeted” manner. On February 21, Zhong Jibin - the person responsible for prefabrication of underwater manifold framework of Lingshui 17-2 Project, received the check-in notice of a dozen of welders and cold-work metalers, which relieved him just like a timely rain!”

Beside the “shared staff” mode brought out during the epidemic prevention & control, all PMTs also actively explored “shared equipment” and “shared ship” mode under the organization and coordination of the Party committee of COOEC, and achieved the efficient utilization of manpower, devices and equipment by optimizing the manpower plan, resource plan and work plan of each project. A batch of projects subject to “manpower shortage”, “device shortage” and “equipment shortage”, including Lingshui 17-2 Project and Liuhua 16-2 Project, had the work resumed successfully.

CPC Party Members Taking a Lead in the Forefront to Cast an Offshore Great Wall of Steel

From February 15 to 19, Lingshui 17-2 Project, Liuhua 29-1 Project, Bohai 19-6 Project and Penglai 19-3 Oilfield Area 4 Project witnessed their offshore mobilization. It is reported that, totally more than 350 people were mobilized for the four projects. Apart from setting up temporary Party branch in the isolation and observation period, the offshore mobilization vanguard composed of CPC party members and probationary party members also blew the “bugle call” of offshore frontline work resumption under epidemic prevention. Platform connection and commissioning of Bozhong 19-6 Gas Condensate Field was started, offshore subsea pipeline replacement of Weizhou 12-1 Oilfield was done successfully, and the FPSO construction of Liuhua 16-2 Project was sped up…With the Party flag flying and Party emblem shining, a series of “tough issues” were successfully conquered.

In Tianjin building site, to make up the manpower shortage due to the failure of subcontractor’s personnel returning back to the post, over 40 staff from the functional departments and technical departments of COOEC Construction Division voluntarily established Party member / youth shock brigade and rushed to the frontline to ensure production resumption. Li Zhicheng - a Party member from the Administration Department said that, “I once worked in the workshop with years of construction experiences and I’m willing to follow the dispatching of the organization.”

“Offshore Oil 202” was carrying out the pipe-laying task of Dangote Project in Nigeria. In consideration of the site construction demand of the project and the domestic epidemic prevention deployment, the ship principal actively communicated with the Immigration Office of Nigeria to extend the time for visa of the personnel on board. The Party members took the lead to stay for guarding. Among the persons on board, 9 had been at sea for 200 consecutive days and 16 had been at sea for 140 consecutive days. Despite of caring about the hometown and relatives, they knew that sticking to the post is the best “confession” to their relatives.

According to statistics, since the outbreak of the NCP, COOEC had a total of nearly 2,000 Party members from the Party branch of each level fighting at the grassroots level, who interpreted the original intention and mission with insistence and perseverance, and became the staunch force for COOEC to win the epidemic prevention & control war and the work resumption defence war.