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Successful Completion of The Hull of China's First 1,500-meter Deep-water Semi-submersible Platform


On the eve of 1st July, the final "joint" of four "Giant Arms" of the Lingshui 17-2 Semi-submersible Platform was hoisted and successfully completed. At this point, the hull structure of China's first 1,500m deep-water semi-submersible platform has been capped 16 days ahead of schedule, which means that the platform has basically completed the "Skeleton" construction and the construction process is about to enter the speed-raising stage.

Lingshui 17-2 Gas Field Development Project is a key project for CNOOC to enhance its domestic oil and gas exploration and development efforts and ensure national energy security. It is also one of landmark projects to promote the high-quality development of the Group and implement "Seven-year Action Plan". This project adopts the development mode of "Deepwater Semi-submersible Production Platform + Underwater Wellhead", which is the first time in China.

Lingshui 17-2 Semi-submersible Platform is designed as a 1500-meter Deep-water Semi-submersible Platform, with the functions of condensate oil storage and external transportation via DP tanker, creating first development mode of 10,000-ton deep-water semi-submersible production platform in the world.

The platform consists of nearly 20,000 tons of upper blocks and about 31,500 tons of hull, with a maximum displacement of 105,000 tons, equivalent to three medium-sized aircraft carriers.

Since the beginning of hull construction, the project team has set up a number of Party Commandos to delimit the "Responsibility Land" and carry out grid management. Thousands of staffs work day and night by turns. In the stage of hull assembly and loading, the project innovatively adopts two sets of independent equipment, namely the floating crane and the crawler crane, to lift and carry at the same time to compete with the weather. It has set a new speed record of four lifts in three days, two lifts in one day, and two lifts on land and sea. This ensures that the structural capping of the hull is completed successfully.

Up to now, the development project has completed more than 70% of the overall progress and completed the structure capping of the upper block and the hull, safety manual time has broken through 10 million.

Lingshui 17-2 Gas Field is one of China's major oil and gas discoveries in recent years. It was drilled in 2014 and has proven geological reserves of over 100 billion cubic meters. It is scheduled to be put into production next year. By then, it will supply Guangdong, Hong Kong, Hainan and other places with a steady gas supply of 3 billion cubic meters per year, which can meet a quarter of gas needs in the Greater Bay Area.

Photo 1: Panoramic View of Land Construction

Photo 2: Night View of Hoisting